Sunday, December 23, 2012


The Cave Barn 

and the Cave Grave

The barn that Jesus was born in was a cave.
Mary and Joseph, his mom and dad went to
Bethlehem because there was a population 
census and they had to be there for it.
It was spring, which meant it was warm,
though the night may have been a little cold.

They were in the barn because all of the
rooms in the inns were already filled.
I chose to draw a sea star, a living thing
because the sea symbolizes the womb 
of life and also because normal stars
don't look like the real stars in the sky.

The white figure on the left symbolizes
Jesus appearing after three days in a tomb.
The tomb was a cave and it belonged to 
a rich man, but it wasn't nicer than the
cave barn. It was just a cave and saved
for a dead person who was very wealthy.

The dove on the right side symbolizes 
the Holy Spirit which descended on
Jesus when John the Baptist baptized
Jesus when he was a grown man and
starting his three year journey. Jesus
shared the message that his father
gave to him as he connected with 
ordinary human beings.

The drawings of Mary and Joseph
and the baby Jesus are childlike 
and simple, not fancy or accurate
but perhaps appropriate for a 
humble beginning that began in 
a cave. Jesus life began in a cave
and in the end, a cave was his
resting place.      

People often argue about wh
Jesus was and why he came
and Yes also about what he said.
But there is no argument about 
when and where he was born
and laid to rest. It's what's
between those two events that
some people argue about.

But there is no doubt about the fact
that Jesus lived and his life  was
short just thirty three years. 
We also know he gave up his life.
refused to deny who he was and
where his message came from.
No man would choose to die
for nothing, for a lie.
His choice is all of the evidence
that I need.    

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