Friday, December 7, 2012


The day will come when what we value; 
like gold or diamonds won't be worth much.
A loaf of bread on the other hand
will be worth a lot more than 
a bag of GOLD or a bag of DIAMONDS.
The same may be true of famous
paintings like the Mona Lisa.
The day will come when our banks 
are closed forever 
and money will  mean nothing.

When that time begins 
some people will suddenly leave.
They call that time the second coming
and those people leaving
are those who will be raptured,
taken away to heaven.
The rest of the peopl
will be left behind
because they didn't give
their lives to Jesus Christ.

Things will be tough for two thousand years.
Many people wil suffer awful torture.
During that time they can choose Christ 
but the price for that will be their lives.
You see that's the time that the devil's
antichrist  will reign.
Many people will be decieved.
But Christ will return and judge everyone.

Just something to think about.
No one knows the hour or the day. 
But everything written
in Revelation, the last book of the bible
will happen as it is written there.

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