Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Babies

I remember so many Christmases with babies
and I am glad we have granddaughters 
who bring anticipation to Christmas.
This is my first Christmas painting and I
thought that after Mary had her baby and
Joseph stood by her, the angels must have
wanted to hold the baby Jesus,
I know about holding newborn babies
we had four of them though now they
are all grown up and live with their 
soul mates.

When you hold a newborn child 
in your arms you feel hope for
our world and it is so exciting. 
Babies are innocent and they 
are our hope for changes in 
Jesus was born in a barn 
on a bed of straw
everything so ordinary and humble
yet we know Jesus was the hope
of the world.

I get excited when I think about 
Jesus' birth, and find new hope
for our troubled world.
Even after his birth he was humble
and he grew up in an ordinary family.
He was humble all of his life
and so loving and caring.
He was innocent his whole life
and yet he was murdered .
Jesus could have called on legions
of angels to save him
and saved his life.
But instead he chose
to die for us.

Though he led a humble life
the example he set
showed that there may be 
peace and love in our world.
Jesus became an example 
for all of us
for peace and love
and everything good.

I embrace the love
that he gave to all of us
and  the hope he gave for all of us 
Right now I see the infant child
whose name is Jesus
and I wish I could hold him
in my arms and keep him safe.
Tis the same thing I wished for 
all of my children.  


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