Sunday, December 2, 2012

Spirits At Home Here

You may look at this painting and ask
"Why are there so many faces?"
Before I answer I must say that I am
not talking about ghosts.
I am talking about spirits from two places.
Dark spirits used to be called demons
and they belong to a very evil realm.
Angels are also watching and getting
involved with our lives.
Demons are fallen angels and they may
try to fools us and make us feel they are good.

A good question to ask is, "what kind of spirits
are living in my house?"
Choices we make, things that we bring in 
our houses, and also what we do or say
can let dark spirits into our homes, 
and they affect everyone in our families.
But if God is invited into our homes,
we can expel the dark spirits by telling 
them to leave in Jesus' name.
That may make our homes a good place
to live and no dark spirits will harm us.     

Of course you may say, "I don't believe in
spirits dark or angels that watch over us."
That is a choice that we are free to make,
but there may be consequences that we
don't like, though we may blame  them
on other things.
We are free to choose how to use this 
warning, or how to ignore it.
But YES, there are spirits, dark spirits.  

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