Monday, December 17, 2012

Demon Predator 

Evil is very real and it haunts our world.
Evil tries to break into our dreams and lives.
Demons are fallen angels
and they try to steal our souls.
They are sly and seductive and all things evil.
Their goal is to make us stop 
loving and forgiving, to make us very angry
so we will start hating and want revenge.
Anger, hating, revenge and getting even,
are the doors to hell and 1,000 sins.

Demons all have a long list of temprations
and they have so many ways 
to persuade us to give in them.
Sexual pleasures, physical violence,
wanting all of the money we can get,
are just a few of them.
In our hearts we know those things
and others are wrong.
But demons make sins look necessary and fun.
Demons have many eloquent lies and reasons
why we should do things 
that we know are wrong.

But there is hope for all of us
even if we have given in to demons.
God want to forgive us and set us free
from our bondage to demons and evil.
That's the reason Jesus Christ died
on a cross. We can ask him for forgiveness
and God will forgive us and end our shame.
Demons tremble when humans call on
Jesus Christ.

I know it sounds too simple and too easy.
But God loves all of us no matter what
we have done. God care about us.
But we have a choice and it's about
Jesus Christ and eternal life.
God loves us and offers us forgiveness,
but God can't make the choice for us.
We all must decide if we want to give our lives
to Jesus Christ and be forgiven
or we can choose bondage to Demon
predators and follow them to hell.

It's all up to us and this is all true.
Our turn to choose our eternity,        



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