Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Alien Five Eyes

A human limitation that is always with us
is that there is way too many visual stimuli
and our brain must select what we see 
with our two eyes.

No matter how hard we try
we can only see a very small part
of all of things in front of our eyes. 
It wouldn't be any different 
if we had five eyes instead of two eyes,
We wouldn't see anymore.

But one thing I see clearly
and that is we can tell our brains
what we want to see
what we are looking for.
It's kind of like deciding
what we will see before we see it.
I think that's how prejudice works.      

As for me, I want to see more
look deeper with my eyes wide open,
find a way to see what is really there,
see the same thing
from at least five points of view.
I also want to see what is there
through the eyes of many others.
As for me, that's a learning process
that leads to greater understanding.

I may never be able to see everything.
I may always be a limited human being.
But I do know that we all can see more,
if we take the time.
We can overcome prejudice
and learn how to love each other,
and to see all the good in each of us. 

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