Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Case of the Blues

Some days we have the blues from our
heads and way down to our shoes. O 
YES, we are convinced we will lose when
we get a real case of the blues. Our lives
once worth plenty to us, now feels like they
aren't worth a penny and we may want
to die, to take our own lives,

O please listen to me. You see everything
you think and feel is phony and O so full
of lies. YES I know all about a lowdown
hard case of the blues. Everything I'd think 
was covered with stink, and everything I'd
feel was a perfect imitation of hell, cause 
 you see it hurt me more that I could Bear.

But while I sang them lowdown hard case
blues, I heard a small voice inside of me
say, "I know you're so blue you are hot pink
and purple but I want you to know the truth.
There are O so many Good Things and YES
Good Times waiting for you. Yeah I know, 
O YES I DO KNOW, but if I gave it a go
you can do it, too.   


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