Saturday, March 9, 2013

We Are Connected

We are connected to every living thing
and every living thing has a purpose
in the world that we all live in. Though
you may not like every thing the truth
is that we need them. We are all a part
of the family of all the living things.

If we use and abuse them eventually
they wil die and never be with us and
that upsets the balance in our world
and things begin to go wrong where
we least expected. Trees according
to some are just for houses and paper
but trees give us the oxygen that we need.

Pesticides are killing are killing bees and
without bees we would not have the
food we need and we could go hungry.
I discovered that there is beauty and
purpose in every living thing, even those
that annoy  us. So lets all take good care
of all of our world of living things. 

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