Sunday, March 17, 2013

Inside of Us

Inside of us there are many things
and we think in words or pictures;
some are black and white but many
are beautiful coors and some are very
shiny to attract on attention. Our
imaginations embrace words and
pictures and create very new things.

Inside us us there may be scars and 
pain caused by abusive people so often.
Inside of us is the face of our first love
who captured our hearts and somtimes
broke them. Inside of us is what we 
believe in and the actions we take
because of them.

Inside us us are words, thoughts
pictures and faces of enemies, 
friends and loved ones. The question
is which one of them will get our
attention and fill our lives with pain,
anger or happiness and love. Inside
of each of us is our need for love and


1 comment:

Unknown said...

This is lovely, Curtis. Beautiful words and painting. I'm glad I visited your blog today. -Kat / @BeingMama