Saturday, March 23, 2013

Is This

American Eagle

We all see our country in many
different ways, like my folk art
painting of an American eagle.
It is the symbol of our country.
about our land and the freedom
it offers all of us. But YES we
don't all see our country the same.

We argue and debate our nations
progress of the lack of it. We all
have different expectations about
what our nation should do for us;
depending on our politics and which
side of the fence that we live on, a fence
that divides us into our interest groups,
and our amount of status and wealth.

But there is a bigger question that 
requires our decisions, about what
we will stand up and talk about, and 
take the actions to insure our freedom.
Our responsibility as citizens or the
apathy of too many will paint a 
picture of the American eagle.

But as you see, my painting is not
really about what I want to see.
As for me. I want a beautiful
American Eagle.      

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