Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Losing Our Marbles

Tootles, a character in the movie, 
"Peter Pan," lost his marbles. They
were his memories, his ability to 
remember and a variety of mental
skills. He was old and he had lost his 
mind. The fantasy was he finally 
found his marbles.   

It is a metaphor for what happens as
we get older, and scientists say that
it is written in our DNA, though some
lose more of their marbles than others.
The truth is that our brains are like 
muscles and they need a workout
every day.

Yet like the many different colors in
my three folk art paintings, we may
invision the same marbles in different
ways. We know that we can all keep
our marbles much longer if we stay
healthy and exercise of brains.

The scientific journals report o
advances and one day in the future
we won't lose any of our marbles.
As for me I have great compassion
for all of those who are slowly losing
their minds. One day we may be 
those people who are like Tootles,
but they may never find their marbles.         

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