Thursday, March 14, 2013


Colorful Complex People

I originally got the idea for this painting from a
novel I was writing about people whose senses
were represented by colors and they could use
them to have a lot of ways to connect deeper into
the world arround them. They experienced more
than us is so many ways through O so many senses.

But then I learned something new about us. We are
complex beings and filled with so many treasures.
We call them many things, talents, skills, and abilities,
intelligences, gifts, and O so much potential. Yet we
have only begun to explore all of those things that 
each of us has. But that is the true joy of our

The colors of the people in my folk art painting
represent so many things about us, and we have 
just begun to explore all of our gifts and our 
wonderful potential. But first we must let go
of the many ways we limit ourselves and then
begin our colorful and wonderful journeys.   

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