Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Wish I Could Fly

How wonderful it would be to ride
the thermals and feel the warmth
of the sun on my back. O how I 
wish I could fly like a bird in the
sky; fly higher and higher and 
see the world I live in below me.

When I dream of flying way up
in the sky, I wonder if my dream
is real, if my dream world is O
so very real. All I know is  my
senses tell me my flying is very 
real, and it feels O so good to
fly way up there in the sky.

Perhaps our inner desire to
fly is a metaphor for our lives.
Maybe that's because flying
is like freedom. with no restraints
and for a time we feel no stress
or worries. Just the freedom of
flying and O so real to me.         

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