Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Three Friends 

What do three have in common
when they are O so different,
a deer, a butterfly and a rabbit.  
The truth is that they can communicate
about everything and anything, because
their minds and hearts are open to each other. 

Each of them have different skills and experiences.
The deer can run and leap with great speed.
The butterfly can fly very high in the sky.
The rabbit can hop and it knows how to hide.
The deer lives in open fields with lots of grass.  
The rabbit lives underground in long tunnels.
The butterfly prefers tall tress with branches.

All of them have enemies, powerful predators,
foxes, cougars, spiders and talon-ed birds.
They live together in a dangerous world.
They adapt to survive knowing well,
that predators see them as a tasty meal.
Death is always ever near for these three friends.
But they meet together to share their lives daily.

By now you know they are symbols
and you may ask, "Which one is me?"
"What do those three friends mean to me?"
There are dangers in our our world, too.
Though we don't all have the same dangers,
we all adapt our lives to survive.
But we also have a lot more to share together.  

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