Friday, January 18, 2013


We all live in our own prison cells.
We may be imprisoned in hope
and joy and positives goals 
and dreams. 
But that means we live in freedom.
We are in a good place where we
grow, overcome challenges and make
our dreams come true.
It is a place where doubts and fear
don't rule. It is freedom for me and you.

But there is another prison cell that
we may also live in and it is like a
living hell; filled with doubts and fears,
and O so much pain that we've had
for O so many years.
That means we are stuck and we can't
make any progress. We can't move 
forward and are lives are a mess.
It is a place with no new beginnings;
it is a place without any freedom.

We can live a life of rainbow colors,
or we can life a life of darkness.
We can escape from our cells of
of doubts and fears and pain,
and learn to live again.
We can give up anger and rage,
forgive and learn to love again.
We can all be free again. 

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