Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Warrior Within Us 

Kingdoms, empires and countries all continue 
to need warriors to protect them from
enemies that keep their citizens safe.
But that's not always the reason for wars.

As for me, I honor our warriors
because they make great  great sacrifices
for each and every one of us
and they don't  get to choose.

It is one thing to question 
the reasons as civilians
but there is never a good reason
to dishonor our warriors.

The problem is that when we
demonstrate against wars
our enemies that we aren't 
supporting our warriors
and many more warriors
die because of that.    

We all want to live in peace
but because of our opposition
thousands more of our warriors die.
Supporting our warriors 
whatever the reason will save
thousands of warriors lives.

You may not like what I write
though you know that 
our warriors long for peace
but what I have written 
every word of it is true.

Our efforts for peace 
should be focused 
during the time before wars
when our warriors lives
aren't in any danger.
That way we don't encourage
our enemies to do much more
to kill our warriors.

Let's make our world better
by bringing unity, love and caring
in the whole human family.             

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