Friday, January 25, 2013

Men and Women

Most psychologists, doctors and scientists
agree that a man also has a feminine side
as well as a masculine side.
They also agree that a woman has a 
masculine side and a feminine side.
They conclude that's why men are men
and women are women, that it goes
beyond what we look like and means 
that one side of us is dominate.
But of course there is a great debate
about all of this and some say it is
because of our DNA, others say its
our hormones, still others say it is
our environment, and then some 
argue that it is a human choice.

The controversy begins when men
see themselves as women and
women see themselves as men.
One side believes what scientists
have proven about why men
see themselves as women
and women see themselves as men.
The other side disagrees with science
and argues that it is a matter of choice,
that men choose to be women and 
women choose to be men.

Some men and some women don't
choose to change to change ther
Some men believe that feminine
side in them is greater than the 
masculine side of them.
Some women believe that the 
masculine side of them is 
greater than the feminine side of them.     
Some men and women choose to
change their bodies. 
Men feel they were born to be
women and some women feel that
they were born to be men.

No matter who you believe 
about why men choose the 
feminine side of them, and
women choose the masculine
side of them, men choose
male partners and women 
choose female partners.
They fall in love with their
partners and they want to
get married, but their 
opposition doesn't want them
to marry and passed laws in the 
states where they live to 
prevent prevent men from 
marrying men and women
from marrying women.

But I don't understand the
debate or why some believe
that men and women shouldn't
have the right to choose who
they want to be partners with
and who they want to marry.
This is America and why should
others be allowed to make those
choices for us. They don't have
to agree and they have a right
to their religious beliefs, but why
does that give them permission
to choose for others.
Why can't they agree to love
and accept others are
different than them and 
honor others choices.

Isn't that how people who
live in the land of the free
live together in peace and
Something to think about
as we all work for peace
and understanding in the
land of the free.            

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