Saturday, March 26, 2011

There are Hidden Faces

There are hidden faces lost in a crowd
There are hidden faces waiting to be found
Jumping Jim-a-knee/ they're so quiet they're loud
Zipping/ zapping/ feet a flying/ we are all just trying
Did I say trying?/ A jet plane is slow compared to
The speed that you and I/ do fly just to get by them

Look/ oh no don't look!/ Diddley dum de dum/ have you ever seen one?
They are totally boring/ and not even one of them/ has any fun
if you don't count chewing/ big wads of/ Wrigley's Spearmint gum
They are totally/otta boately/ and scrim bittley yodely/ beneath our lofty pride
And we all know/ they have no/ feelings inside
Though it's tip tiddley true/ that if you put them down/ and make them frown
tears often come to their eyes/ mere amusement for us/ to make time fly

There are choices/ you can ignore them/ or abhor them/ or if you choose
then you can mop the floor/ with them/ again and again
They are after all/ faces lost in a crowd
They are hidden faces/ waiting to be found

Some might write you a note/ and leave it on your desk/ hoping that you
might do all of the rest/ might honor them/ and make them your guest
They often write words of desperation/ words of loneliness and exasperation
"Won't you please be my friend/ I really need a friend/ we could do things
together and have lots of fun/ Please/ oh please/ you could be the one
Without you I'll be lonely/ and oh yes/ I am almost undone"

I myself/ yesterday afternoon/ I found those words/ in a note on my desk
it was the first face/ I had ever seen/ in the crowd/ and it looked very human
I must confess/ to tell the truth/ I almost failed the test
I came oh so close to saying yes

Today I searched/ for that face in the crowd/ for some reason/ I was no longer
so proud/ I shouted at the top of my lungs/ Where are you/ hidden face in the crowd
Come out/ oh yes come out/ and I will give you/ my yes
Yesterday/ you reached out/ and you know the rest
I crumpled your note/ that you left on my desk/ and threw you away
lest I pass the test/ the test that says I am better than you and I am the best

Today my face in the crowd vanished/ wilted like a Spring flower/ at the end of the season
cut from the field/ and imprisoned in a vase/ and no longer part of/ the human race
You lived out your loneliness/ and I lived out my pride
and yesterday/ you threw your life away/ like I threw your note/ in a garbage can
Yesterday you cut your wrist/ and let your blood flow/ like a red tide
Yesterday you committed suicide/ yesterday you died

I promise that I will look and find faces in the crowd
I will reach out and make new friends
We will spend time together and have lots of fun
An none of them/ not even one of them
will ever/ no never/ be lonely again

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