Saturday, March 26, 2011

Sexy Sadie Such a Sad Lady

It was tea time, well actually margaritas and martini time
It was sizzling gossip and hurt her mother's feeling time
Her daughter was a "Yes if you are man enough"
Yes if you life span is long enough

Some one the ladies pretended to abhor
And so like generals commanding troops in war
Without compassion or kindness in maddening blindness
The ladies at lunch talked about her daughter at the table
Called her daughter a whore

Her mother replied/ never flinched/ never cried
"Since you ladies are such a compassionate bunch
I will bring my daughter to our lovely lunch.
And then/ be prepared/ I'll answer your herd

Tuesday/ the mother and daughter/ entered together
"My name/ and you know it/ is Sadie Mae Gray
I heard from my mom that you named me last Tuesday
You knew me when I was four/ you knew me when I was eight/
You knew me when I was twelve/ and on my first date
You don't know/ that I was raped/ when I was four/ and when I was eight
You don't know/ you couldn't know/ that I was raped/ on my first date"

But one of the mothers/ knew him/ suckled him and grew him/ gave her love to him
The boy/ with the bushy blond hair/ tall/ handsome/ without a care
"In the room you gave him/ to lay his sweet head/ he threw me ever so roughly
Yes/ you sweet momma's boy/ Ned/ threw me down on his bed
and this/ is what your boy said, 'You'll give it to me/ you'll not cry out
May parents have gone out/ and if you struggle or shout/ you'll be dead.'

He took off my clothes/ your sweet boy/ Ned/ Ned rode me so hard
Like a wild animal/ your sweet boy/ Ned/ and the blood from my vagina
Yes/ the blood from my vagina/ turned your sweet boy's sheets/ crimson red
After after it was over/ his semen inside me/ trembling all over/ I shook and said'
Yes/ I shook and trembled/ before your sweet boy/ Ned/ not wanting to live
'And once again/ after two callous men'/ I said to your sweet boy/ Ned
'You left the woman's place/ inside of me/ cold and empty/ took it all from me
Left a reminder inside of me/ that I have no purity/ no lock or security'
To your sweet boy/ Ned? I cried many tears/ as I said, 'I'd rather me dead."

He was Nancy Norma Nelson's/ sweet boy/ Ned/ and she was the one
Oh/ yes/ she was the one/ who said/ "Sadie Mae Gray is a whore."
The ladies all looked at Nancy Norma Nelson/ with the look/ that angry women's eyes wear
Not a frown/ not a stare/ a "You know what you've done" / kind of glare.

The ladies thanked God/ that they had never been raped
The ladies thanked God/ that they somehow/ had escaped
In the secrecy of their minds/ they replayed all of their dates
Each of them/ gave it all/ to get all of their dreams
Captains and players/ on high school/ sports teams

And they knew their knights in armor/ their lady charmers
Yes/ they knew their high school letter men/ all and every one of them
Their boys/ had no fidelity/ no loyalty/ no honesty/ in fleeting memories
Each the women/ grew angry/ and thought in misery/ "He cheated on me"

And in acts/ that were intended to be/ sweet revenge
Each of them/ yes every one of them/ gave it all/ to many young men
And the truth is/ the the young men/ they never/ no not one of them
Married one of the women/ their knights in armor/ their high school letter men

Her name was Sadie Mae Gray/ and for the first time in years
Her face formed a smile/ that somehow swept away/ all of her tears
And from that day/ when a young man said. "I'd like to get laid"
Sadie Mae Gray/ never again/ would say/ what she had always said,
and that was,"Are you man enough/ to go to bed with me"
Instead/ she look at the young man/ with the look/ that angry women's eyes wear
Not a frown/ not a stare/ but a"You know what you've done"/ kind of glare
After that day/ it soon got around/ that Sadie Mae Gray/ doesn't give it away

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