Sunday, March 27, 2011

Sally Centerfold

He was not/ in high school/ any more/ and he had/ no bevy/ of beauties
He had a wife/ and children/ and he had promised/ to love them/
But there she was/ on the table/ in the local barber shop/ a place called/ Pop's
It was a busy shop/ and he always had time/ for his favorite magazine/ not Time
In the center of the pages/ was the very place/ where passion rages
Sally Centerfold/ was there to say/ "You're not too old/ too gray/ to play"

At first/ it was just daydreams/ and nigh time fantasies
After all/ men were men/ and in his private place/ he could do as he pleased
After all/ it was his brain/ and his Sally Centerfold/ was there to entertain
After awhile/ he began to see/ Sally Centerfold/ almost everywhere
He saw her at Surplus Foods/ he saw her at Macy's/ buying new shoes
He saw her/ at the diner/ where he had lunch/ eating the same foods

Tim always went/ and worked out/ with Jim/ and now he saw her/ again
They were both on treadmills/ and he grinned/ because she was/ next to him
She turned toward him/ and smiled/ and his heartbeat/ went wild
Time was up/ the machines stopped/ and he thought/ "What am I to do"
She began to talk to him/ she was Nancy/ fancy Nancy/ and he was Tim
"I'm fifty," / he said/ "And I am twenty two" adding/ "I really like you"

"I am twice your age," / Tim said/ "I could be your father/ don't bother"
"You are tall and handsome," / she said/ "I'm not your daughter/ not her"
"Then what/ tell me what you are"/ "I am your lover/ your bedroom star"
"You are very bold/ and blunt" / Tim said /"Yes/ today women/ are up front"
She drew closer to him/ "Tim/ the least you could do/ is buy me lunch
I've seen you/ at the diner" / she cooed/ "I like what I see/ and I'm in the mood"

"It's been a long time/ since I have been/ with a beauty/ like you" / Tim replied.
"I've been married/ my sweet/ to my lovely bride/ long before/ you were alive"
"Yes/ Tim/ but no one will get hurt/ she is the main course/ and I'm dessert"
"To tell you the truth/ Nancy/ I've been dreaming for days/ about this"
'Well then/ maybe it's time/ for our first kiss/ I'm all yours/ you know"
"My day dreams/ have got to go/ my very first kiss/ was a long time ago"

"Sweet sentiment/ from a man/ who loves/ his children/ and his wife"
"Yes/ I'm not young anymore/ but I love them/ more than life"
"I understand/ Tim/ and it's okay/ I hope/ I meet a man/ like you/ some day
A man who will/ never be/ any woman's/ one night stand/ that kind of man"
"Well/ you can't find him like this/ a kiss from your lips/ is not just a kiss"
"Well I guess I can try/ but let me tell you/ it's not easy to find/ your kind of guy"

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