Sunday, March 27, 2011

Humanity a Family of Many Colors

I often wonder if it's really true that we are all connected
If all human life is sacred and should all of us be protected
Why are some people better than others/ if we are sisters and brothers
Why do some people deserve more/ yet so many are hungry and homeless
Five percent have 95 percent of all the money/ is that odd/ or funny
Five million American children/ go to bed every night/ hopeless and hungry

Color some families poor/ and some families rich/ some in the Oreo middle
The rich/ sent those jobs away/ to people/ who will work/ for a lot less pay
The third world poor/ have jobs galore/ yet they work for/ 29 cents an hour
I wonder/ if those new jobs/ are new opportunities/ or economic slavery
I wonder/ if the global economy/ is for more profit/ not to set them free

Color the human family/ black/ white/ yellow/ red and brown
I wonder/ where most of them live/ and work/ in cities and towns
I wonder/ which among them/ are serfs/ and who among them/ wear crowns
I wonder/ how much their color/ determines most of/ their destinies
I wonder/ is our country/ a melting pot/ or a mosaic/ of many colors
I wonder/ if the colors/ in our country/ can one day/ be one family

Color the biggest street gangs/ red and blue/ gangs are like families/too
The member of/ the Bloods and the Crypts/ are not color blind
Where they live/ in their hood/ some color is bad/ another color is good
Being in a gang/ is not a game/ gang-bangers/ kill each other/ with guns
I am told/ they do crimes/ and sell drugs/ that they are killers/ and thugs
Color our city streets/ with blood/ blue and red/ count the homies/ who are dead

Color the human family/ Christian/ Muslim/ Buddhist/ Hindu/ and Jew
Each of them/ has their own/ perspective/ believe they have/ the real truth
I wonder/about that/ it seems so odd/ so many religions/ only one God
I have/ my own faith/ my perspective/ the path I walk/ is Christianity
Yet I wonder/ can't we make room/ for each other/ in the human family
I wonder/ since we all know God/ can't we live/ in harmony

I wonder/ about what's become/ of the human family/ and what it will be
Will the day come/ when all of us/ have food/ shelter/ safety/ and opportunity
Together/ we can all have plenty/ have the joy/ of human dignity
Together/ we can choose to take hands/ and be/ a loving/ human family
Is it possible/ to live in peace/ and accept each other/ as our sister and our brother

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