Saturday, April 6, 2013

We Are 

What We Value

No matter what we say, what we do
with our time, money, and our choices
reflects what we have in our hearts 
as a true treasure and is who we are.
So the questions is, "What do we value?
What is so important to us that we
are willing to invest it with our time,
our talents and our money?"

So I keep in mind what is in 
my heart and all that I think
about, what I do most of the
time and why I do it. Very often
we don't do the things that
may improve who we are,
things that will give us the
right journey. things that will
gives our lives true meaning and

But we have many possibilities
and choices that will allow us to
be the person that we were born to
be and claim our true destiny, 


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