Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Saving Linda

We all have something that was the hardest 
thing that we have ever done. Writing my novel,
"Saving Linda," was that kind of experience
for me. I have worked with many women 
who have struggled with with things that
no woman should ever have to go through.

One morning I woke up and a voice inside
of me told me, in every fiber of my being
that I must write the novel. But it took me
way out of my comfot zone, and I relived
the pain of those women. Yet every fiber
of my being told me I should stand up 
for them; that I should speak up for all
of those women.

Saving  Linda is about the journey of a
strong woman who was raped at age 8,
and how she found healing and owned 
her own power. It is about all that she
had to go through and about the feelings
that she struggled with.

It took Linda a very long time, but she
became a very strong and powerful woman.  
The dark side of her was violent and 
wanted to get even and to deal with men
who abuse women. What she did and why
is part of the story you will read on 
my novel. The other part was how she
dealt with her dark side and found
the healing she needed instead o

My novel isn't for everyone and the truth
is that it may be a very painful experience
for some of those who read it. Yet my hope
and my prayer is that it will help some 
women to heal, and that it will get the 
attention of men and change some men's
attitude toward women.

Yet because I believe that readers deserve
the very best in a novel, I spent over a 
year writing it and I am working with my
second writing coach. My first writing 
coach taught me O so much, but I saw
that there was still work that I needed
to do.

So if you read this, know that it that it
will be a few months before my novel
comes out. It's not for everyone so you
must decide. 

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Lily Joytus said...

I am incredibly proud & honored to be your friend in spirit.thank you for writing this book. Peace&luv always! & an abundance of healing light to Linda&every soul wounded within. Together let our voices unite.no more silence.May our voices&stories,help end abuse of any kind. Abuse is abuse...is abuse. We can find healing,we need to heal... Namaste