Sunday, November 27, 2011

Where Are We Going

There are many images that crawl into our minds
Some of them are beautiful, gentle and O so kind
But others are ugly and horrific and O so evil
Some of them make us wonder if there is a Devil
Some people like to dance with scary things
Some people are frightened by nightmare dreams

Some people don't consider hell but live there
Everyday for them is empty and void of pleasure
Some people carry a heavy load of so much pain
Some people hurt so much every hour of the day
They may feel trapped in a spider's web with no escape
They are drowning in a sea of horrible heart ache

But in the end we all become all of our choices
We create our circumstances with different voices
What some may see as very bad is good for others
Some people are so confused, don't know what to choose
Some people sing happy songs. while others sing the blues
We have all learned that what we choose is life or death for me and you

The question always is ; Where are you going
What seeds have you planted; how are you growing
Do you contemplate your action , or just do things
Do you rebel against every form of authority to be free
Have you chosen just to get by, or embraced your destiny
Is your life heaven on earth or is it horrific hell

Only your choices and time will tell

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