Monday, November 28, 2011

Found and Lost

There are many distractions that become attractions
There are may obsessions that take us in new directions
There are days when our anger puts us in the danger
When we say to ourselves, I have nothing to lose
The price that we may have to pay can be very high
But for some reason. or lack of thinking we do it anyway
When the human heart grows cold
When our anger gets hotter 
We are headed for disaster
Like a moth to a flame  faster and faster
We may burn our wings in fires of darkness
We may decide that dying  is irresistible 

Our worst enemy may finally be us, ourselves
There is a battle inside  of us and it is raging
Every day we have so much pain to maintain
We may cut ourselves to deal with it again and again
We may take dangerous drugs to dull all of it
But none of it works for very long, something's wrong

Gradually out of great distress we are killing ourselves
Little by little we plunge deeper and deeper into depression
We don't try to break the chain that hold us prisoner 
We don't let go of all of our pain, anger, doubt and fear
Pain and death have become an obsession 
Pain and death whip us and beat us with depression

But I have found that none of us need to be lost
That no though, idea or emotion has to be our boss
Inside of every human being are the seeds of freedom
All we have to do is to nurture, feed and grow them
It is true that healing is  hard and takes a lot of time
Never give up, never quit, press on, you can heal


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