Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Two For Jesus -Tom and Rachel

Two For Jesus
Tom and Rachel

We talk a lot about giving our lives to Jesus and serving him and yet most people don't get much farther than that. Tom and Rachel are God's servants. Tom works with the high school youth and Rachel works with the junior high youth. They belong to a church that believes that every member should find an opportunity to serve Jesus and to serve Jesus in some form of Christian ministry.

Rachel has a gift for serving junior high youth. She understands them and she connects with them. I saw her with them in her Sunday school class. Their faces lit up as they entered the room and saw that she was there. It was obvious that they love her.

Tom has a gift with high school you. He understands them and he connects with them. He can play with them and share the fun. He also talks to them about Jesus Christ and they listen to him. It was obvious that they love him.

It was refreshing to share their home with them last weekend. I felt the presence of Jesus Christ, their love for him and each other and us. They are two for Christ and they are making a difference in the lives of youth. I smile when I think about my son and my daughter. No, they are not brother and sister, but I refuse to use the phrase, "daughter in law." She is much more than that. She is my daughter and I count that as a blessing.

I was a pastor for eighteen years. Seeing them at work in ministry for Jesus Christ brings me great joy. They are two for Jesus and they shine, their lights shine for Jesus.


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